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Policy Agent

Tan Hoang Long would like to thank all respect to our customers and will support us. In recent years, Tan Hoang Long has continued efforts to develop and expand markets, build agent systems nationwide with the motto "cooperation of mutual benefit. Here are some of the incentives in the system development agent of the company.


Support the introduction of product promotion
Agents updated information on prices, information about goods, products, policy of THL company
Agents are supported list catalogs, flyers, banners follow the program ... of THL company
Dealers are taking all the promotions and boost sales of THL company
The two sides jointly to promote, advertise and sell products through such forms as new product information, promotional products, product highlights ...

Technical assistance, goodsAgents are supported directly by phone, by fax, by email, via online chat.
Hotline support: 04.3718 3396. Email:
Tan Hoang Long committed to improving the quality of products and services as well diversified product mix distribution to fit the growing trend of the market and consumer tastes of customers. At the same time often support policies and programs related to promotional activities, advertising, promotion, sales promotions to maximize sales and profits agents

Financial Aid
Agents are entitled to a fixed discount / sales orders and directly deducted from the selling price.
Discount policy is being carried out independently and in parallel with the program support or promote other business
Tan Hoang Long reward payment commitments on time agent committed in the contract or addendum, text base arising from the contract.