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Tan Hoang Long Co. to send you all my best wishes and thank you deeply trust and good cooperation in the past.
In the trend of internationalization and integration of the world economy, Vietnam is actively deepening integration with the global economy, every citizen is actively contributing their best to bring the country more prosperous and developed .
The members of the Tan Hoang Long company we have been striving to accomplish the mission objectives of the business, contribute positively to the economic development of the country.
Facing both opportunities and challenges, Tan Hoang Long Company has continuously invested technological development, innovation, and enhance product quality, technology and service to meet to satisfy the growing demand high in the market.
During the development process we always consider customers as the center, and respected reputation customer satisfaction, continuous innovation and innovation in the production and business to better meet the requirements your with the product and service quality and prestige, the growth and development of the company always co-operated with the true values ​​of the whole society.
We are committed to bring benefits, satisfaction with your best motto for dedicated and reputable service on each product to be standardized and synchronized high.
We look forward to working with you to actively seize the new opportunities, the creation of new values​​, the heights and reaching towards a successful future prosperity and sustainable stability ..
We are eager to get the long-term cooperation and positive.

Chairman - cum Managing Director company

Vu Thi Hanh