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Tan Hoang Long strive to become manufacturing enterprise tape - duct tape full row Vietnam, Tan Hoang Long was looking to make one Vietnamese brand, expressing desire and pride the people of Vietnam.


For market: Providing products Adhesive tape - Tapes achieve the best quality, within each product will contain the dedication and professionalism to meet the needs of each customer.

For staff: Develop a professional working environment, dynamic, creative and humanities; facilitate a stable income and development opportunities fair for all employees.

For society: Harmonisation of business interests with social interests; positive contribution to the community-oriented activities, the spirit of civic responsibility and pride in the nation.

Core Values:

"Unity and Cooperation" to create the power company.
"Dedication and Honor" for all customers and partners.
"Profits and Efficiency" is the fundamental value.
"Professional" is a core value of enterprise concerns

Strategic Orientation:

Short-term Strategy: market development across provinces VIETNAM members
Long-term strategy: Bring brands Tan Hoang Long Vietnam to foreign markets especially when Southeast Asia

Growth target:

- Achieved highest sales growth average of 25% / year.
- Expand the scale of production, machinery, modern lines.
- Always provide products and services with high-quality reputation, achieve regulatory standards.
- Contribute actively to the development of Vietnam's economy.
- Growth and development associated with the protection of environmental resources.
- Committed to protecting brand reputation and long-term business on the basis of respect for the rules and laws of society.