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Development Process

Company Tan Hoang Long was established in 1993, mainly manufacturing business in the field of adhesive tape - duct tape. So far, over nearly 20 years of operation and development in Vietnam, we had to get a foothold in the market, become a reputable supplier of adhesive tape products - adhesive tape to the large enterprise small and customers across the country.


Tan Hoang Long Vietnam specializing in manufacturing the product tape - duct tape covering more than 50 major categories. Our products fully meet the standards of quality and design as well as features on each product.

Manufacturing Technology

The product tape - duct tape Tan Hoang Long production lines and equipment on the most advanced technology in the world today, with the technology and equipment system with the most modern equipment imported from the parent company - set Group in Taiwan.

Working Motto

We understand that customer trust is an invaluable asset that is critical to the sustainable development of the Tan Hoang Long Vietnam, and we always strive to live up to that trust.


Tan Hoang Long is proud of more than 5,000 providers and enterprise customers at home and abroad, adhesive tape products Tan Hoang Long contributed 25.6% of total output tape and plastic film annually consumed in the country . This part represents outstanding quality, and more importantly is the trusted and customer satisfaction with the product tape Tan Hoang Long.