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Why choose to buy tape - duct tape Tan Hoang Long company?

- In terms of product quality: Factory production of our company has always provided the tape - duct tape to ensure the best quality. Adhesive tape - duct tape our standards on the composition SJS no toxic glues.
- On pricing: We balance the interests harmony, giving customers the most reasonable prices, unbeatable quality standards based on the best of us.
- In terms of service quality: We guarantee timely response to the needs of customers
- Of models and categories: Form and types of tape - duct tape our diverse
- Production technology: The product tape - duct tape Tan Hoang Long lines produced on advanced equipment and technology in the world today, with the technology and equipment system with modern equipment imported from parent companies - corporations in Taiwan.

How to know where the market is adhesive tape products Tan Hoang Long?

- We recommend that you contact customer purchases through our switchboard: (04) 3366 1220. - Adhesive tape products in the core of our company logo printed with the words THL Tape.

We want to print the company logo on the tape how?

- We have the logo printed adhesive tape products to help businesses to promote the brand.

I want to register as a distributor for THL, then how?

- We are always ready to assist and to cooperate in order to expand the market. If you are looking to do for THL distributors, please contact us or check out policy for more information.